What can the DM5E do for you?

tolshinomerFlexible Data Processing

The Dm5e has an implicit data logger, with an incredible capacity to store a 50,000 reading in linear files and grids. This makes the measurement data accessible for further processing. Measurement data documents might be exchanged from the instrument to a PC, where they may be stored, and printed out in different formats when required. Typically, these can be in form of histograms, where extents of measured values are color-coded, or colors are used to highlight the distribution of min/max limit values exceeded. The acquired data can also be pasted into clipboard or directly transferred to spreadsheets.

A Range of Measurement Displays

All versions of this thickness gage unit offer a wide range of measurement displays. These are:

Normal: In this type of display the thickness value appears in the form of large digits right at the centre of the screen.

MIN Scan: This describes a minimum thickness scan that lets the operator to run the test over the wall surface. Once the evaluation period is over, the minimum material thickness measurement result is displayed on the screen.

MAX Scan: It works similar to MIN Scan, but measures and displays maximum that maximum thickness results.

DIFF/RR%: This range compares the results of measured thickness with user specified nominal wall thickness. The difference of dimensions between the two values is displayed.

B-Scan: It displays the graphic representation of B-Scan that reflects minimum thickness values. The B-scan graph is derived by measuring and recording the data at one point/second.

Various Types of Models

Some of the new versions of Dm5e ultrasonic thickness gauge only need to be placed at one side of the subject to be measured, while the older version required to take measurements from each side. Most of the models available today in the market feature built-in background light to provide ease of work when working in the dark areas. In addition to this, new models come with sensors and the length will also vary depending upon the model you purchase. The gauge can measure the thickness and store in the in-built memory so you may use it later for further analysis. Modern versions can store thousands of measurement data through USB cables and uploaded on different device or sent directly to the printer.

As mentioned earlier, the major advantage of using Dm5e ultrasonic thickness gauge is the precision it provides. It will show variations in the wall thickness that might have occurred because of erosion or corrosion. As a result, you’ll get exact measurement and size of the wall thickness.

The sound speed can also be adjusted according to the material to be measured. This is because the Dm5e ultrasonic gauge works by reflecting sound waves. New thickness gauge models have got automatic function that should make the whole process easier to perform even for a novice. If the measured area is causing a bad signal, the gauge will automatically give out an indication of the signal-quality so you are aware of what is going on.

Even though the ultrasonic thickness gauge is most commonly used in repair- industries, it can also be used by homeowners as an DIY kit for measuring the wall thickness of different corners of the home. For example: if you need to drill a hole in a wall to hang your new painting, having a correct thickness measurement will help you perform such a task with accuracy.

The Dm5e has introduced ample of user-friendly models so anyone can use it to get accurate measurements or walls, as well as metals layered with different coatings. With right model at hand, you need not worry anymore about taking wrong measurements and making wrong decisions.

The advanced models of the DM5E

howdoesitworkThe DM5E

The DM5E is the next advanced level of this engineering equipment that is exclusively used for measuring actual thickness of any metal through its coating. This advanced ultrasonic thickness measuring device gives you the actual measurement of the metal without removing the coating of the metal as coating gives the wrong reading of the thickness of the wall and hence sometimes leads to devastation. It is very difficult to calculate the actual thickness of the wall once it is coated. As a result you get wrong reading about the thickness of the wall unless the coating is removed. But, removing the coating and then calculating the metal thickness requires a lot of time, money and effort. As you know, accurate measurement of the thickness of wall is highly crucial in the field of scientific research and engineering. Here the minute difference between actual thickness and measured thickness largely matters. The DM5E saves both time and money and also give the accurate measurement without removing the coating. Its end result is highly satisfactory as you can have the accurate measurement in your hand without any hassle. All you need to do is to activate the Dual Multi mode instead of removing the dual coating over the metal and this device will give out the correct reading quite efficiently.


The DM5E DL includes data logger which comes with supporting format like grid style data file. This advanced level not only calculates the correct thickness of the wall but it also has an inbuilt storage memory. The capacity of its memory is huge and it can store up to more than 50,000 reading. Today, the entire world is based on data to come to a conclusion about a particular issue in engineering as the previous data plays a vital role in taking the correct decision quickly. DM5E DL comes with a USB slot which enables you to take the entire reading instantly in a Micro Soft excel sheet. The File Display mode allows the users to store all the reading in the file mode which can be retrieved easily anytime. All the alphanumeric files and the notes are directly fetched through key pad. The data collected is fetched to different specialized software to draw a conclusion on any stage of engineering. Hence, as you know correct decision making at the right time is the most vital thing in any form of engineering and DM5E DL does this crucial work very smartly and efficiently.

DM5E engineering equipment is not just any ordinary equipment but it is an ultimate device that takes engineering to the next level. Measuring the thickness of the wall being one of the most vital aspects of engineering as correct thickness only can ensure the best quality of the material used and the foundation. Measuring the thickness might not sound very crucial initially, but it means a lot in scientific research and petroleum sector. It is because thickness of the wall has to be accurate and deviation from the actual thickness even by a point might result in something different than what is expected. Hence DM5E plays a highly significant role in displaying the correct thickness under any extreme and harsh climatic condition. The most advanced DM5E engineering equipment is manufactured with 5 MHz high temperature probe that can tolerate temperature ranging from -10�C up to +204�C. Therefore, having this device with you means having a reliable friend with you. This device will not only assist you in all your measuring tasks but it will also ease up your work in the field of engineering and will lead you to the ultimate mark of satisfaction and perfection.


wall_thicknessThe device comes at a very affordable price
The DM5E thickness gauge is designed in such a way that it caters for the needs of both the rich and the poor. The product come at a price that is affordable hence its pocket friendly to its users worldwide. Comparing the quality and durability of the device with that of other devices for measuring wall thickness, the DM5E thickness gauge device will always come first. This is due its best features, which makes anyone feel comfortable acquiring it at such a throw away price. Some of the thickness gauge devices found in the markets today are of high prices and low qualities which is meant to exploit the user. The company manufacturing them is only interested in making huge profits at the expense of their clients.

The device can be used for Measurements through coating
With DM5E thickness gauge, measurement through protective coating on a wall is made easier. This protective coating such as paint is usually applied on the surfaces of the components such as metal walls to protect them hence if a good method is not used; it will end up giving a wrong measurement hence faulty outcome. Some thickness gauge measurement equipments which do not allow for double measurement will require one to remove the protective coating before measuring the thickness. After finishing with measurement, reapplication of the protective coating is needed and this will lead to consumption of a lot of time, energy and money. Thanks to the DM5E thickness gauge there is no need of removing the protection coating since it allows room for double measurements.

It provides users with flexibility of data processing
The DM5E thickness gauge has a high storage capacity hence can store several readings and this makes them always available for further processing. The measurement readings stored on the device can also be transferred from the device to a personal computer for storage and further analysis. After analyzing the data, the information generated can be produced in hard copies of different colors and formats through printers.

DM5E thickness gauge provides a range of measurement displays
All models of DM5E thickness gauge equipment provides users with a range of measuring displays which includes: normal, MIN scan, MAX scan, B scan among others. In normal range measurement display, thickness value appears in the center of display while in B- scan, a graphic presentation of B- Scan showing minimum values is displayed.

DM5E thickness gauge is durable and has a long lasting battery
Before buying any engineering equipment from our markets today, the durability of the equipment must be taken into consideration. DM5E thickness gauge can last for a long duration of time hence giving the buyers the value of their money. The batteries of the devices can also stand for more than sixty hours which is long enough to last for more than two days. The keypads are also sealed and made using watertight and dustproof materials to ensure their longevity.

In general, DM5E thickness gauge has the best helpful features of engineering equipment used in measuring wall thickness. Acquiring one can save you from losing a lot of money used in purchasing new one and maintenance since they are durable and cannot easily break down if well used. Fake devices are expensive to maintain and breaks down regularly. Make a decision of purchasing a durable engineering equipment with the above features and avoid unnecessary expenses. Cheap is expensive.

Dm5e Thickness Gauge – Evaluating Features and Benefits

images (9)A ultrasonic Dm5e thickness gauge is a device designed to measure the thickness of a wide range of materials through sound waves. Laid out in this article, we’re going to discuss all the information that you should understand about Dm5e before buying the unit.

What Could It Be Used by?

Similar to traditional thickness gauges, the ultrasonic thickness gauges that you get today are compatible with almost all kinds of materials. Thus, it can used by all kinds of industries and service oriented businesses where control and inspection of wall thickness is required on parallel surface subjects. Dm5e thickness gauge can measure most types of materials including the stubborn ones like aluminum, glass, copper and zinc stainless.

Since one or the other listed materials is employed in most form of the industries, they are extensively used across the world. One of the major benefits of using Dm5e thickness gauge is that it provides you with extremely precise measurement of wall thickness. In addition to this, it can also show some accurate changes and variations in thickness that can occur from resulting from corrosion and erosion.

Features of Dm5e

Thickness Measurement Under Coating

Dm5e offer dual-multi measurement. Perhaps all elements, structures and components subjected to thickness measurement will have some or the other kind of protection layer or coating. Such coating may include paint, which can contribute to significant error when measuring the wall thickness if you choose to use traditional methods. Also, removal of coating can lead to additional cost of removal and reapplication, which may not be feasible for everyone. With dual-multi measurement or Dm5e, you need not waste money and time removing the protective coating on the wall.

User Friendly Interface

All the versions of Dm5e have been designed to deliver user-friendly interface and keypad. The central mode key, calibrated on/off button, two arrow keys for functional control, and four arrow key for adjusting parameter values are few examples of features that are incorporated in the design for ease of use.

New Range of High-Performance Probes

Another set of ultrasonic tests has been created for the Dm5e family to give the instruments upgraded execution, even at high temperatures. The Da5xx arrangement agrees to EN 15317 and incorporates a 5 Mhz standard test for universally useful provisions, a 2mhz rendition, for high infiltration and a 7.5mhz fingertip test. A recently created 5mhz high temperature test offers a working extent from -10*c up to +204*c.

The best helpful features of engineering equipment used in measuring of wall thickness

images (6)If you want to know helpful features of engineering equipment especially when it comes to measurements of wall thickness of components that can be affected by corrosion and erosion, then you are on the right track. This article will guide you through the features of the best equipment for such a use. Such task always requires a lot of time, energy and attention hence need quality engineering equipment meant specifically for that purpose to reduce the pain that one can undergo while using the ordinary devices. The DM5E thickness gauge is one of the best engineering equipment that has all the desirable features which makes work easier for its users. Though the equipment is small and well packaged, it is easy to use and always provides users with the best type of ultrasonic performance.

The following are some of the Helpful features of DM5E thickness gauge which makes it the best engineering equipment when it comes to measurement of thickness of components such as metal walls that can be affected by corrosion and erosion:

The device is simple and easy to use when compared to other ordinary equipments
Operation of the DM5E thickness gauge is simple since the design used in making it is user friendly. The device is light in weight hence users can operate it using one hand when measuring the thickness of a wall. It also provides users with navigation keys, calibration keys, on and off keys which makes the operation much easy for the users. With its inbuilt reminder, users can configure it to remind them to calibrate it after certain period of time or after a certain number of measurements. The device also comes with a user guide manual in a compact disc and also available in a hardy copy hence the errors which may arise due to using the device for the first time are minimized since users can keep on referring from the manual.

It has high performance probes
This is also another helpful feature of engineering equipment such as the DM5E thickness gauge. With a new set of ultrasonic probes, using the device even at high temperatures can still ensures that optimized performance is achieved. This new set of ultrasonic probes offer different ranges of operating temperatures.

Its Measurement is reliable
Since the outcome will always depend on the accuracy of measurement of thickness of the wall, a correct measurement is needed. A reliable device and good instrument configuration must be taken into consideration to ensure that a correct measurement is attained. DM5E thickness gauge ensures that the faulty outcomes due to wrong measurement are gotten rid of.

DM5E Features

images (8)User Friendly Operator Interface

All DM5E versions have a similar user friendly keypad interface. This has a calibration on/off key, central mode key, four arrow keys to adjust parameter values and to navigate through the single menu and two function arrow keys for setting and activating functional control. The keypad gives access to all forms of calibration, measurement displays and set-up modes of the instrument. The DL version has a file display mode which allows users to produce and store thickness in files. The operator is normally guided through each and every step since calibration is menu-driven. There is also a calibration reminder which plays a crucial role in reminding the user to do calibration after a specified period of time or number of measurements.

New Range Of High Performance Probes

The DM5E family has a new set of probes that provide instruments with perfected performance regardless of the temperatures. The DA5xx a 2MHz standard probe for high penetration, a 5MHz version for general purpose applications, and 7.5MHz fingertip probe. The newly designed 5MHz temperature probe gives an operating range of -10 degrees centigrade to +204 degrees centigrade.

Thickness Measurement Under Coating

Both the DM5E and DM5E DL provide a dual multi measurement. Therefore all the structures and components that are subjected to thickness measurement normally will have a kind of a protective coating. Those coatings will include paint and contribute a significant error of underlying metal walls especially when conventional methods are used. Not to forget, the process of removing coating and subsequent reapplication, takes a great deal of time and money. With the proven dual multi feature, there is absolutely no need of removing any protective coating. What is necessary is to select dual Multi mode, put the probe in place and take measurements.

Flexible Data Processing

The DM5E DL built-in datalogger can store up to fifty thousand readings in linear and grid files. In fact, this is what actually avail the measurement data to be processed further with the use ultraMATE software. Another important thing to note is that the measurement files can easily be transferred from an instrument to pc for storage and, when required, they are printed out in varied format reports. Normally, these could be color histograms, in which case the ranges are color coded. Also, data may be posted into Windows, and when this is done, it allows for easy transfer into word processing and spreadsheet applications.

A range of measurement displays

All the versions of DM5E provide a range of measurement displays which include:

  • · Normal- In this case, the thickness values are portrayed as large digits normally at the center of the display
  • · MIN scan- This is a minimum thickness scan which allows users to run probes normally over the wall surface. And when the evaluation period is over, the minimum thickness of material of material measured is displayed.
  • · Max scan- This is similar to MIN scan except for the fact that the maximum thickness is what is being displayed.
  • · B-scan- This one displays a graphic representation that shows the minimum thickness values. The graph is normally derived by measuring and immediately recording at one point per second.
  • · DIFF/RR%- This usually makes a comparison of the measured thickness and user specified nominal thickness. What are displayed are the dimensional differences between the two.

The DM5E family is the latest and convenient generation of ultrasonic, portable, corrosion monitoring thickness from the GE sensing and Inspection Technologies. They offer improved performance over the previous corrosion gauges.

DM5E Thickness Gauge-The Ultimate Engineering Equipment

app-thickness-transducersIn the present age of technology different types of engineering equipments are required to serve different engineering purposes. Each equipment is specially designed to perform specific tasks and ease out the task of engineering to a great extent. DM5E thickness gauge is such a latest device included in the family of engineering equipments that measures the thickness of any kind of walls or vessels and give out their exact measurement. Thickness measurement of a wall is a very important and difficult task as wall thickness is not the same everywhere. The thickness of pressure containers, pipelines, storage vessels in gas companies and in the sector of petrochemical as well as in power sector is different and you can not accurately measure their accurate thickness without any gadget. DM5E is an advanced ultra sonic thickness gauge which is a small and easy to handle equipment that works in any environmental condition and give out the correct reading of the thickness along with erosion and corrosion.

DM5E thickness gauge engineering equipment can be classified into three levels according to their functionality.

The DM5E Basic

The DM5E Basic is the first level of this equipment and it is specially used in housing. It comes with a specialized design and a weight of just 223g. This gauge is operated by AA batteries and works smoothly for a long duration of 60 hours. This basic version come with a LED screen attached with backlit which gives you the facility to use this device anywhere and anytime irrespective of the lighting availability. It is a very small and user-friendly device that can be operated single handedly. Moreover, it is pretty simple to use as it comes with an arrow sign for operating. The basic DM5E device is both water and dust proof. As such it is perfect for using in all kind of harsh environments. The best thing about this basic level is that navigating from one menu to the other is very simple with the help of the arrow sign marked on the device. Some of its striking features include the capacity of capturing min/max, generating B-scan, reading different wall thickness with on spot comparison between thickness of the measured wall and thickness of a normal wall. So, the basic level of DM5E performs all the advanced tasks that are required for measuring the thickness of any specific wall during any engineering activity.

Features of the DM5E

CylinderMeasurement of thickness gauges under coating

The DM5E offers dual multi-measurements when it comes to under coating. Normally, all the components and buildings subjected to thickness measurement have a protective coating. Coatings like paint and dust can contribute to an enormous error to wall thickness measurements of the underlying metal walls when using the conventional methods.

To add on that, it is very costly when using conventional methods since you will be required to remove wall coatings and the subsequent reapplication is expensive and labor intensive. When using these devices you don’t need to remove any coating. You are only required to take a good position and take the appropriate measurements.

DM5E Operator Interface

As earlier said, the DM5E versions have the same user operator keypad interface. The keypad has features like; a central mode key, calibration key, 2 function keys that activate and set control functions and 4 arrow keys for adjusting any parameter value as well as navigating the intuitive menu.

With the use of the keypad, one can easily calibrate or set up the device. The device allows any user to store thickness readings in several files. The tool comes with a manual and you cannot fail to know how to use it since the operator is normally guided through every single step. In case you forget to calibrate, always set the calibrator reminder. The device will remind you after the specified number of measurements that you have set.

Flexible Data Processing

With its potential of storing data up to 60,000 readings, it makes any already recorded data available for further processing. After the data has been recorded it’s transferred to the computer for storage or printing. The print outs can be reports in color histograms with a range of measured values that are color coded. Alternatively, the color can also be used to highlight the total distribution of both maximum and minimum limit values. You can also get the data in form of spreadsheets.

The thickness gauges use straight forward pre-programmed gauge setups and do not require a lot of operator interaction. The device is simple to use and no advanced training is required in most cases.

Measurement displays from DM5E

Normal- the display reveals the thickness values as large digits at the center.

MIN Scan- The measuring device takes a minimum thickness scan over the wall and displays the thickness to the user after the evaluation period.

Max Scan- The maximum thickness scan is the same as the min scan.

DIFF/RR/%- This is used as a comparison measurement between the measured thickness and the specified nominal thickness.

B-Scan- This gives a graphical representation of B-Scan with a display of minimum thickness values. The graph is made out of measuring and taking records at one point per second.

The need for thickness gauges is to enable engineers to have correct wall measurements when doing any structural engineering and construction of buildings.It provides efficiency and cost effectiveness when it comes to doing repairs of building constructions.Additionally, they are accurate reliable and repeatable.The devices are sold online and the DM5E is one of the best among the many thickness gauges that are sold in stores.

This core range of DM5E thickness gauges have full capability and performance that you may require when doing any structural engineering and other thickness measurement applications. They have a software options that can be easily upgraded. All you need to do is go for the best.

DM5E Thickness Gauge

images (7)The DM5E thickness gauges have made life quite simple. They allow you to fulfill the ever increasing number of demanding tasks, and specifically wall thickness measurements on components that are prone to erosion and corrosion.

The DM5E wall thickness gauges are generally smart, simple to use and their performance is simply unmatched. Their ergonomic shape and compact size would not go unnoticed. Consequently, if you need something that you can use comfortable with one hand, then these gauges will serve you right.

The DM5E thickness gauges have been designed to deliver best results even in the harshest conditions. They are therefore being used comfortably on pipelines, storage tanks in the gas and oil industry and even in power generation sectors.

There are three levels of the DM5E family that offer different functionalities.

  • · DM5E
  • · DM5E Basic
  • · DM5E DL

The DM5E Basic

The DM5E basic has a rugged housing which is common to all versions. It is designed with a weight of only 223g and thus can be carried around easily. It also uses AA batteries which can be used for up to sixty hours. The basic version features LCD display of data, which is always visible regardless of the lighting conditions. Instrument operation can easily be achieved using one hand through a user friendly interface.

It is a dust-proof, watertight and sealed keypad which has a minimum of arrow keys and function keys. Not to forget, navigation is quite simple and intuitive. The basic version has a wide range of features such as B-scan generation, Min/Max capture and differential thickness movement which allows for instant comparison between nominal and measured thickness.

The DM5E

The DM5E has all the features of The Basic, only that it provides DUAL MULTI operating mode. Previously, this version has been used in GE corrosion and has proved to be of valued importance in measuring metal thickness through coatings. There is absolutely no need of removing coating and thus saves a lot of money and time. The best part is that if you have The DM5E Basic, you can always upgrade to The DM5E.


The DM5E DL is almost similar to the DM5E. The difference is that it has an in-built datalogger which supports data file formats that are in grid style. That said, it has the capability to hold up to fifty thousand readings. The transfer of files to a PC can be comfortably achieved through a mini USB Com part. The importation of files into Microsoft Excel can be done directly through a Macro. All alphanumeric data for notes and filenames is entered directly through the keypad. The good thing is that both the standard and the basic versions can be upgraded to become the DL versions.

DM5E thickness gauge

When it comes to wall measurements the DM5E thickness gauges are the best devices to use. It enables you to manage several tasks especially the ones that deal with wall thickness on the components that are normally subjected to corrosion and erosion. These engineering equipment’s are smart and easy to use. They offer ultrasonic performance in very small light weight package. On the other hand the machines are easy to use as they offer ergonomic shape which enhances comfort while using them.The need for thickness gauges is very important when it comes to the field of engineering.

The DM5E thickness gauges offer a variety of benefits over mechanical and optical measurement techniques. It is used in various manufacturing and in-service test applications by engineers. It has been known to be supporting quality control, efficiency, reliability and cost effective in many ways.

Three Categories of DM5E Thickness Gauges


The basic thickness gauge comes in a rugged package and it is designed with its own AA batteries that weigh 223g in total. The batteries are great and can operate for 60 hours. The DM5E basic has several features. For instance, it has an LCD that makes it visible in all lighting conditions.One can be able able to use the device during the day and night.It is simple and portable.

The device has a friendly user interface that allows one to use one hand while operating it. This interface has a strong keypad that is sealed completely making the device safe from water or dust. Alternatively, it has very few function keys and arrows making it easy to navigate through menus. It has the potential to easily compare measured and nominal thickness. On the other hand the basic version has a Min/Max capture with a standard B-Scan generation not to forget mentioning supper alarms.


With good capabilities like the Basic DM5E, it can incorporate dual multi operating mode. This feature enables the device to easily measure thickness of any metal through a coating. It is considered to be efficient and time saving because you don’t need to remove the coating at any measuring point.


It has a data logger that enables entry of data and supports data files in grid style. The device is superb and can hold up to approximately 60,000 readings. These storage capabilities are efficient during any constructions of walls. To add on that, the files can be transferred to a computer or tablets by the use of universal serial bus (USB).When doing the entries you will be using the keypad to enter any alphanumeric data or notes.